Wilson Machinery - Strength, Performance, Reliability

Wilson Machinery

Manufacturers of world class farm machinery

Wilson Machinery design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of farm and road verge maintenance equipment, Additionally the company custom builds machinery for special applications.

Slashers and mowers range from 1m tractor mounted machines that are suitable for the hobby farm, to 15.4m wide broadacre units; from parkland mowers to vineyard mulcher/ mowers; and tagasaste fodder mowers. Slasher toppers will mow up to 500 acres in a ten hour day and parkland mowers will complete an 18 hole golf course in six to eight hours.

There are road verge slashers for road maintenance that cut up to 3.5 m width. These are versatile units with a reliable side shift system that allows, the operator to cut into drains and around guide posts while on the move. Cuttings are directed away from the road to ensure safety for motorists, and the contour hugging twin decks follow undulations to provide an even cut , at production rates of up to 15 km/hr.

Tree pruning slashers cut back growth along the road curtilage, and heavy duty tractor mounted saws trim large timber. Custom built, tractor mounted mango saws trim orchard fruit trees in short order.

There are rippers and mounders to form tree and vine planting mounds, in soil ranging from soft, wet, and peaty sand to dense cemented gravel. Three point linkage kits are suitable for farm tractors, and there are rakes, silage grabs, bale grabs, bale huggers, front end loaders, carryalls, pallet forks, and post hole borers


Sample machinery from Wilson Machinery